Take a break in Thalassery, Kerala

Set on the Malabar coast, Thalassery (also called Tellicherry) is often overlooked as an interesting stop in its own right, more so because it needs some exploring to be appreciated.

Once a British outpost, Thalassery claims many firsts – it is said to be where the first game of cricket in India was played by the British, where the first circus performed, and where the first Western bakery in Kerala was set up. Today, the preoccupation is more fishy – take some time to wander by the docks in the morning, and find a spot on the dilapidated – but British-built – jetty from which to watch the hustle and bustle of the fish market.

You’ll find the Thalassery Fort, built by the British East India Company, close by; it’s open from 8am to 6pm, and offers views of the Arabian Sea.

Beyond it, an old lighthouse keeps guard over St John’s Anglican Church, over 150 years old, which, in turn, watches over its cemetery, in whose safe confines many of the town founders rest eternally.

Lord Wellesley’s bungalow is nearby; it is he who is often credited with having introduced cricket to the country in 1860.

Other experiences to try in Thalassery include walking on the four-km-long Muzhapilangad ‘drive-on’ beach (cross the Dharmadom Bridge to get to the edge of town)...

Also try the local biryani and other snacks like fried banana at Paris Restaurant on Logan’s Road, and, if you are so inclined, taste kallu (toddy) with local bar snacks like tapioca and fried mussels in little shacks. 

Stay options in Thalassery include the  well-known Ayesha Manzil, a colonial home that now welcomes visitors, and also conducts well-regarded cooking classes, and Pearlview Regency, which comes with a pool, bar, rooms in a main building as well as cottages.
Unless you like long road trips of over eight hours (from Bangalore), the best way to get to Thalassery is either by air (Kozhikode International Airport is about three hours away) or by train; daily trains run to Thalassery railhead from Bangalore. 

Once in Thalassery, you can walk to almost everywhere, or take an auto or local bus. You will find the locals patient and helpful



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